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Village Inc.

Village Inc.
3-8-8-7F Shinjuku
Tokyo, 1600022
Phone: +81353613031
Fax: (+81) 3-5361-3032

Director, International Operations
Hiroyuki Hata
Production Profile
  • Genres: Action/Adventure, Documentary, Drama, Martial Arts, Musical, Romance, Romantic Comedy
  • Theatrical Films [Under 1M to 3M-5M] Involved from the Development, Production, and Completed stages.
Geki (Stage theatre) has its own allure. Cine (Cinema) has its own appeal. From Japan's top theatrical entertainment scene, Gekidan Shinkansen brings an all new form of entertainment that has combined the two worlds. Whether you want to watch contemporary theatre with friends which has already finished showing or you wanted to watch it but were only showed in restricted venues. The old passive style of filming where they just record the stage theatre isn't exactly exciting nor appealing to the audience. Not thrilling! This is the solution! Such thoughts and desires lead into creating a hybrid movie with the latest cinema techniques including HD digital cinema cameras and surround sound technology as if it were making blockbuster movies. Filming close up images of the actors in tears, sweat and subtle emotions, not missing any details. Incorporating full surround sound mixing with special effects from Hollywood and versatile camera angle shots with 20 latest HD digital camera shooting, the live stage performance is transformed into a carefully calculated motion picture projection. And the result is an incredible atmosphere that pushes the entertainment to a new era with the combination of digital and heated live performances. GEKIxCINE welcomes you to the new world of entertainment experience. Enjoy energetic acting of favorite actors as if they are right in front of you. Broaden the view on the charm of stages. And broaden the horizon of live theatre stages to the world!

Title Genre Status
Click to add to your favorites Legacy of Soma-Aonoran   Action/Adventure, Drama, Musical   Completed

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