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Contents Panda (NEW)

Contents Panda (NEW)
Doosan Building 8F,
726 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, 06057
Phone: 822-3490-9372
Fax: 822-515-1055

Vice President
Jae-min Kim

Director of Contents & Int'l Business Team
Vincent Kim

Director of Int'l Business Team
Danny Lee

Assistant Manager
Whitney Kim

Assistant Manager
Gabrielle JUNG

Assistant Manager
Hailey KWON
Production Profile
  • Genres: Action/Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Heist, Horror, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Science-Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Contents Panda is Next Entertainment World's international business and ancillary rights division. Its international sales division was founded in 2015, pitching top-notch films presented by NEW, Contents Panda and others. Contents Panda also has an acquisition team that distributes ancillary products and invests in various entertainment products. Each year, Contents Panda tries to widen the spectrum of business markets and develop new models for the platform.
Market Lineup
Title Genre Status
Click to add to your favorites Because I Love You   Romantic Comedy   Post-Production
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Title Genre Status
Click to add to your favorites The Artist: Reborn   Black Comedy   Post-Production
Click to add to your favorites Lost in the Moonlight   Animation   Completed
Click to add to your favorites The Queen of Crime   Thriller   Completed
Click to add to your favorites With Or Without You   Romantic Comedy   Completed

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