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Genco, Inc.

Genco, Inc.
Tokyo, 106-0031
Phone: 03-5410-9944
Production Profile
  • Genres: Animation
GENCO is an Animation Business?Producing Company The Animation business is a complicated business indeed. It involves several elements that sometimes are in conflict with each other. The source material coming from Manga, Novels or Games may sometimes not so easily translate to the animation or live-action works that will in turn become videograms, merchandizing and a huge plethora of ads and commercial tie-up's for global use. GENCO fully understands all these elements and thrives to improve and enhance even further the value of the contents on each level. In order to fully and effectively make use of the contents, GENCO is fully involved in the a) PLANNNING, b) FUNDING, c) PRODUCTION, and d) MONEYTIZE phases of every project. GENCO uncovers hidden values of contents by pointing out its best features on?each media while constantly considering all the other related elements.
Market Lineup
Title Genre Status
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