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Talent International Film Co., Ltd.

Talent International Film Co., Ltd.
No. 16 Huayuan Road
Haidian District
Beijing, Beijing, 100088
Phone: 0086(0)1082025868
Fax: 0086(0)1062367673
President of the Talent International Film Co., Ltd
Esmond Ren
International Project Executive
Blanche Tian
International Project Executive
Cybil Cheng
Production Profile
  • Genres: Action/Adventure, Animation, Black Comedy, Comedy, Martial Arts, Science-Fiction, Thriller
  • Theatrical Films [50M-100M to 100M and Above] Involved from the Completed stage.
  • Non-Theatrical Films [ to ] Involved from the Development stage.
Talent International Film Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Zhejiang Talent Film & TV Shareholding Company Limited, a public traded company in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code:300426. Its primary businesses are the investment, production, promotion, and distribution of both domestic and imported films. During the Chinese New Year period of year 2010, the period action-comedy Little Big Soldier co-produced with Jackie Chan Entertainment achieved 160 million RMB in box office receipts. Released in June 2011, the art film The Seal of Love directed by famous director Huo Jianqi won numerous awards across the nation. In year 2011, the company participated in the investment of Jackie Chan's action blockbuster Chinese Zodiac 12, which was released in December 2012 and achieved nearly 900 million RMB at the Chinese domestic box office. In year 2012, the company collaborated with China Film Group Corporation in the investment and production of In-Laws Celebrating the Spring Festival, which was the first film of the 2012 Chinese New Year period. In year 2012, the company again cooperated with director Huo Jianqi to produce Falling Flowers, which won the national Best Works Award, as well as the Shanghai International Film Festival's Best Director Award. 2012-2015 Talent distributed series of Hunger Games films in mainland China with box office over 650 million RMB. ROOFTOP: Musical romantic action comedy starring and directed by Jay Chou (), the only major PRC-foreign co-production approved by SARFT in 2012 BREAKUP BUDDIES: directed by Ning Hao (No Man's Land, Crazy Stone) co-produced with China Film Group the No. 1 box office hit in 2014 for domestic films, grossing over 1 billion RMB. In July 2016, Talent International Film Co., Ltd produced and distributed the film "Skiptrace" starred Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville and Fan Bingbing and became the top box office of the month, with the amount of 889 million, leading the summer term. The company now has a slate over 36 projects in development including action, comedy, thriller, ski-fi etc.
Title Genre Status
Click to add to your favorites Skiptrace   Action/Adventure, Comedy   Completed

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