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Summerside International

Summerside International
Einsteinstraat, 53
3281 NJ
Numansdorp, Netherlands, 3281 NJ

CEO | Managing Director
Francesca Manno

Nicola Tassoni
Production Profile
  • Genres: Action/Adventure, Animation, Biography, Childrens, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Road Movie, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Science-Fiction, Thriller, True Story, Urban
  • Theatrical Films [1M-3M to 3M-5M] Involved from the Production and Completed stages.
  • Television Films [3M-5M to 3M-5M] Involved from the Production and Completed stages.
  • Non-Theatrical Films [1M-3M to 3M-5M] Involved from the Development, Production, and Completed stages.
SUMMERSIDE INTERNATIONAL is a vivid and dynamic entertainment reality, specialized in production, financing and worldwide distribution of feature films and television programming. SUMMERSIDE INTERNATIONAL aims to build a highly selective slate including acclaimed art house and commercially successful movies, in order to become a high quality international distributor of contents for all formats. SUMMERSIDE INTERNATIONAL's mission is to acquire projects in all stages, broadening the definition of distribution, focusing on bringing high quality filmed entertainment to the worldwide marketplace. With a team of top executives and experienced managers, SUMMERSIDE INTERNATIONAL facilitate the financing, packaging, promotion and distribution of films. The main task of SUMMERSIDE INTERNATIONAL is to provide independent filmmakers and producers attractive returns, maximizing the global exploitation of their films and to become one of the world's leading players in the field of international sales, offering a persistently renewed and always pioneering slate of films from all over the world: art-house, director-driven, commercial, genre, features, documentaries, regularly selected at both European and worldwide festivals. SUMMERSIDE INTERNATIONAL is the right place where innovative directorial talents and their visions can be discovered and promoted to distributors and broadcasters throughout the world, as the finest authors in international cinema.

Title Genre Status
Click to add to your favorites children of the mountain   Drama, Childrens, True Story   Completed

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