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I AM ICHIHASHI -Journal of a Murderer-

Alternate Title:   I AM ICHIHASHI ~Taiho sareru made~
Japanese - True Story, Psycho-Drama - 83 mins.

Sedic International Inc. 
Dean Fujioka, Takashi Nishina, Shinichi Tsuha, Cozy Sueyoshi 
Dean Fujioka 
Dean Fujioka 
Toshiaki Nakazawa 
Production Status 
Completion Year 
Tatsuya Ichihashi kills a British woman who taught English in Japan. Ichihashi escapes the police dragnet to Aomori, 550 kilometers away. Learning that he is wanted by the law, he cuts his own lips to change his features. Burdened by guilt, he continues to avoid the law enforcement. He travels 1000 kilometers to Shikoku to participate in a pilgrimage in hope of resurrecting his murder victim. Obviously it fails and he remains a fugitive. As if to escape his own guilt he changes his identity and has cosmetic surgery to further alter his features. He works at construction sites and when people get suspicious of him he flees to a far-off island in Okinawa where he relies on survival skills. One day, a man talks to the desperately desolate and hopeless Ichihashi. The man says he is a filmmaker who asks Ichihashi questions as part of his research for an upcoming movie. Journalistic questions become accusations. The encounter leaves Ichihashi feeling shaken and he finds himself at a ferry pier, though he doesn't remember how he got there. He is fleeing to an island. But he is not sure what he is running from any longer. A police officer steps up to him, and Ichihashi identifies himself, "I am Ichihashi." 

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