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English, Spanish - Thriller

Filmax International 
Carmen Maura, Juan Diego, Paz Vega, Max Mauff 
Álvaro Begines 
Álvaro Begines, Miguel A. Carmona 
Production Status 
In Production 
Completion Year 
A cell phone falls from the sky, landing on an avenue in a big city.

Staten Island, USA. A high school receives a terrorist threat. While the educational center is being evacuated, an albino student – on his first day of school – is alone in the bathroom dyeing his hair in the hopes of appearing normal, and unwillingly becoming the prime suspect.

Juarez, Mexico. A seventy year-old woman answers a phone call that turns her into the winner of a contest that makes her a millionaire. That night, she will escape from the prison that is her life with her husband and try to find the daughter that she has not seen in 17 years, ever since she ran away.

Berlin, Germany. A woman stands on the ledge of a hotel building, ready to commit suicide. In her hand she holds a
cell phone that does not stop ringing. Suddenly, she drops the phone, and it lands on an avenue in Berlin. At that very instant, James and Preston, two teenagers playing hookie from school, find the phone on the ground. One of them dials a number and smiling slyly: “A lot of people are going to die today. Evacuate the high school.”

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