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Facet Films

10873 North Bryant Street
Denver, CO 80234

Phone: 720.291.1039

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Tim Stephenson

Production Profile

Facet Films was founded by Tim Stephenson and developed and produced a full-length martial-arts, western titled Manchurian Avenger. The film was shot entirely in Colorado with a local cast and crew.

The film opened in New York and landed at #22 in the Variety Top 50 Grossing Films in in it’s initial week of release. Manchurian Avenger was subsequently licensed in 98 Territories and sub-Territories, translated into four+ foreign languages and enjoyed throughout the world. All licenses have since expired and Facet re-mastered and digitized this popular picture for re-release in 4K UHD in 2019 - 2020

Facet is currently in development of an limited series based on a historical fiction novel set in Ireland during the potato famine of 1845-48 when over one million people died and another million emigrated.

The story focuses on the travails of fourteen-year-old Tim Finley and his tenant farming family trying to survive as devastation closes in around them.

Tim makes a promise to his dying brother that he will leave Ireland, go to America and find a place where the family can survive.

MANCHURIAN AVENGER - Represented Internationally by:

Ken DuBow

Bob's Your Uncle

Exhibiting EFM/Berlin February 20-26, Marriott suite 226

Manchurian Avenger

Action/Adventure | English | 85 minutes

Facet Films

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