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Family Values Production

Family Values Production

4235 NE Rodney Ave.
Portland, OR 97211

Phone: 503 954 7145

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Sean Brown

Production Profile

Family Values Production LLC, founded 2013, is a film production company based in Portland, Oregon. FVP produces feature length films in genres including: comedy, family, art house, thriller, drama.

Our current film, Christmas Freak, the story of a 43 year old virgin who celebrates Christmas every day, is a retelling of the classic Scrooge tale and is distributed in North America by Gravitas Ventures.

FVP is wholly owned by Sean Brown.

Family Values Productions: We make our own families! We make our own values!

Genres: Comedy

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Christmas Freak

Comedy, Drama, Family | English | 91 minutes | 2021

Family Values Production

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