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Rakhi motion pictures private limited

Rakhi motion pictures private limited

shelter plaza, sector 50
shop # 9
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

Phone: +919967012348, +12063316570


Chairman & Managing Director
Shubham Maheshwari

Legal Advisor
Akshata Ankolekar

Chartered Accountant
Rushabh Bansal

Production Profile

A young girl with crystal skin flies across the starlit sky carrying a pot of stories. She touches down on a moon that is barren and dry. As she walks on the parched surface, she sprinkles the stories. They flow beneath the surface into the moon’s lifeless core. It illuminates as bright roots break out and shoot to the surface. The roots transform into fertile leaves and thick branches that grow into a giant crystal tree.

The young girl walks towards the tree and places her hand on it. Her palm glows as the stories of joy, of courage, of true love, and of good triumphing over evil flow from the thick trunk into her. The new, vibrant energy transforms the girl into a young woman, her face radiant like the stars and her lush black hair streaked with silver.

A crystal branch descends from the tree towards the feet of the young woman. When she steps on it, the branch carries her towards the starlit sky, placing her on top of the glowing tree – the tree of stories.

As the young woman gazes at the horizon, the fertile branches from the tree shoot out in four different directions, towards new moons and new worlds. The stories then flow from the giant crystal tree carrying life and energy across the universe.

Welcome to a new world of stories. Welcome to Rakhi Motion Pictures.

Genres: Childrens

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Action/Adventure, Supernatural Thriller | English, Hindi | 200 minutes | 2023

Rakhi motion pictures private limited

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Childrens, Drama, Family | Hindi | 19 minutes | 2020

Rakhi motion pictures private limited

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