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Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

24F, Shibuya Garden Tower
16-17 Nampeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0036

Phone: 81-3-5489-7862

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Project Manager
Takamasa Kitazawa

Production Profile

Tsuburaya Productions, creator and copyrights owner of the superhero ULTRAMAN series was founded in 1963 by Eiji Tsuburaya, world-renowned special effects wizard also known for his special effects work on the Godzilla series. With close to fifty years’ experience, it is one of Japan’s oldest and most respected independent film and television production houses. Its popular Ultraman TV and film series which premiered in 1966 has been seen in over 100 territories worldwide and has spawned over 3,000 licensed products. In addition to production, the company also handles character licensing and program distribution and staging live stage shows both domestically and internationally.


Action/Adventure | Japanese | 30 minutes | 2018

Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

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