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A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

Alternate Titles: Une Bouteille Dans La Mer De Gaza

Drama | Arabic, French, Hebrew | 90 minutes




Based on the novel by Valérie Zenatti.
Tai is 17 years old. Naïm is 20. She's lsraeli. He's Palestinian. She lives in Jerusalem. He lives in Gaza. They were born in a land of scorched earth, where fathers bury their children. They must endure an explosive situation that is not of their choosing at an age where young people are falling in love and taking their place in adult life. A bottle thrown in the sea and a correspondence by email nurture the slender hope that their relationship might give them the strength to
confront and grapple with this harsh reality thereby changing it ever so slightly. Only 60 miles separate them but how many bombings, check-points,
sleepless nights and bloodstained days stand between them?