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A Stasi Comedy

A Stasi Comedy

Alternate Titles: Leander Haussmanns Stasikomödie

Comedy | German | 120 minutes


Picture Tree International

Besetzung und Crew


Leander Haussmann


Sebastian Werninger, Herman Weigel


Leander Haussmann


David Kroos, Henry Hübchen


East Berlin, early 1980s: LUDGER is hired by the Stasi to spy on the oppositional arts scene in Prenzlauer Berg. But when he falls in love with the mysterious NATHALIE, he has to choose between a life as a celebrated underground poet and his career as a Stasi agent. Finally, after years of coaxing, Ludger has retrieved his Stasi file from the Commissioner for Stasi Records. But if he thought he was going to be able to sit at home and calmly read about who spied on him and denigrated him in GDR times, he was wrong. Much to his displeasure, his wife Corinna has organised a surprise family party for the occasion. So, together, everyone browses through the impressively thick file, wondering which acquaintance might have taken which photo – until Corinna finds a love letter to Ludger. She didn’t write it, and she and Ludger were already married at the time. Corinna is upset by this betrayal, and a veritable marital row quickly erupts. Ludger flees – where to? His old friends… from the Stasi!

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