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Alfons Schuhbeck - The Spice Pope

Alfons Schuhbeck - The Spice Pope

Documentary | English, German | 45 minutes


Lieblingsfilm Österreich GmbH.

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Star chef Alfons Schuhbeck is a spice expert - he is the spice pope. Spices have been the best medicine for humans for thousands of years. And the star chef knows how to use them. On his first culinary mission, the German star chef discovers exciting secrets in Marrakech. Saffron heals depression. Black cumin helps against everything. Argan oil is only available in Morocco. To the competences of star chef Alfons Schuhbeck does the well founded knowlegde belong about the healthpromoting in spices. We travel around the world with him and find the best spices and cooking great dishes for you.