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All or Nothin'

All or Nothin'

Alternate Titles:

Drama, Historical, Suspense, True Story | English | 88 minutes


Michigan Pride

Besetzung und Crew


Charles K Campbell, Charles K Campbell


Afrika Jonee, Michael Avenson Director of Photography


Ursaline Bryant

die Vorschau


In Charles K Campbell’s ALL OR NOTHIN’ ‘AON’, Daniel Britt plays (John Fairfield) a white conductor of the Underground Railroad. His mission is to transport an enslaved family from Boone County, Kentucky to Canada West where they will be free and unite with loved ones. On an adjoining farm, Washington Barker (Bryant Bentley) and Tillie Barker (Ursaline Bryant) are the favored servants of Matthew Barker (Gary Chinn). Following an unexpected announcement to Washington and Tillie that she is about to be sold, he makes the risky decision to steal her away and claim their freedom. In parallel escapes, Fairfield guides his company from the neighboring farm of Reverend John Terry (Carl Herrick). The groups collide at the banks of the Ohio River. After a standoff, they begrudgingly join forces and flee north. All-the-while Tillie and Washington challenge Fairfield’s leadership and demonstrate how their skills are as necessary to this escape as are his. Amidst constant infighting between Washington and Fairfield, Tillie becomes the glue that keeps the group intact. To reach Canada West they must set aside their differences and rely on the aide of the Midwest Underground Railroad network. In the interim, a strong-willed enslaved woman named Elsie (Samantha Russell) escapes on her own accord. Elsie represents the countless colored people that tempt fate and flee without the aide of the Underground. Meanwhile, the slave-holding families hire relentless bounty hunter Roy Lee (Jon Kovach) to return their escaped property. Accompanying Roy Lee is David (Brendan Alpiner) and Winston Terry (Michael Loos) who maintain differing opinions with regard to the institution of slavery.

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