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Arthur 3 The War of Two Worlds

Arthur 3 The War of Two Worlds

Action/Adventure, Animation | English | 100 minutes




The third installment of Arthur's fantastical box-office smash adventures, adapted by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, The Professional) from his own best selling
novels. Maltazard traps Arthur in the Land of the Minimoys and travels in the opposite direction into the humans' world, where he forces a plastic surgeon to stitch him a human face and tricks his way into Arthur's grandparents' house. There he searches for a phial containing the elixir Arthur needs to get back to his normal size!

When miniature Arthur, Selenia and Betameche finally reach the house, Maltazard has the phial in his grasp. Time is running out for them. Now over two meters tall, Maltazard assembles an army of giant mosquitoes in the nearby forest.

Arthur enlists the help of the Queen Bee, whose magical honey is his only way to grow back to full size. But will that be enough for him to win the war of the two worlds?

Freddie Highmore (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory) and Golden Globe-winner Mia Farrow (Be Kind Rewind) once more star in this magnificent combination of live action and superb animation that fascinates and enthralls children and adults alike.