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For a Woman

For a Woman

Alternate Titles: Pour une femme

Drama | French | 110 minutes




Anne has a very active imagination, which is only natural for a novelist. But, in her mid-thirties, she still knows nothing of her past. Because neither her father nor the sister would talk. Because it’s not always better to know.
After her mother passes away, Anne finds photos and letters, and decides to take a closer look at the life of her parents, Michel and Léna, in Lyon just after the war. She’ll make it the subject of her next novel.
Anne’s research reveals the existence of a mysterious uncle, Jean, whom everyone talks about like a ghost and tries their best to forget. She gradually closes in on a discovery she is unwittingly seeking. But time is running out: her father is sick
and might take to the grave a secret that kept them apart for so long.
In post-war France and that of the 1980s, Anne’s and her father’s destinies intertwine until they form a single story.