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Gold Dust

Gold Dust

Action/Adventure | English | 100 minutes


House of Film

Besetzung und Crew


David Wall


David Wall


Darin Brooks, Chris Romano, David Wysocki, Garrett Marchbank

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Two lifelong friends use moth-eaten maps and passed down legends in their search to find a ghost ship laden with treasures, rumored to have been buried in the desert sand. Today, Mexican drug cartels operate here, using a fleet of children in ultra light airplanes, to fly in a new type of treasure - heroin - modern gold dust. When their predicament becomes desperate, these two friends must decide between escaping with the treasure or risking their lives to save a young girl captive to a drug lord. GOLD DUST is a wild adventure that blends the stark deadly beauty of the desert with a villain so disarmingly dangerous he becomes terrifyingly elegant. With thundering music, rattlesnakes and precious gems, mansions and goldmines, friendship and despair, we are ultimately left with the ideals of hope, dreams and lost loves that glorify the triumph of the human spirit.
"Gold Dust" is gripping, irresistibly entertaining and funny, feel-good entertainment for the whole family.