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Killing Jimmy Hoffa

Killing Jimmy Hoffa

Documentary, True Story | English | 80 minutes


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Al Profit


Al Profit, Scott Burnstein


Al Profit


Al Profit, Scott Burnstein, Dan Moldea, George Anastasia

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Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance is one of the great crimes of the century. Despite a massive Federal investigation spanning 4 decades and hundreds of suspects, only the general contours of the crime are known. In the American mythology Hoffa is both hero and villain a self-made man who ran the nation’s largest union and was so beloved by the rank and file Teamsters he represented that they supported him as union president even as he served time in prison.

Hoffa's name is synonymous with corruption thanks to Bobby Kennedy's campaign against him, but the truth is much more complex. Hoffa's glory years coincided with the golden age of the Union movement and the American economy he also was enmeshed in the Machiavellian world of organized crime. "Killing Jimmy Hoffa" tells the whole story for the first time, using exclusive interviews, never before seen news footage and photographs, and revealing the real story of the day he died.

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