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Lobster Soup

Lobster Soup

Documentary | Icelandic | 96 minutes



Besetzung und Crew


Pepe Andreu, Rafa Moles


Patricia Velert

die Vorschau


Lobster Soup tells the story of a small bar in Iceland's most anodyne village. A place that has become the soul of the community because of its eccentric owners and customers. Tourists who go off the beaten track feel that they have found 'a real place'. The word is out and more and more tourists are coming to see this taste of 'the wild' and it is precisely this success that will sentence this fisherman's café to death. The excesses of tourism and globalization are at the heart of this story. But in the background, there is also a volcano that is about to explode. A natural force that is above all human logic, even the overwhelming dynamics of capitalism. Once again a bucolic Icelandic history allows us to reflect on our society where, sometimes, the world rebels against our intention to tame and consume it.