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Monkey Magic

Monkey Magic

Animation | Chinese, English | 95 minutes


CMC Pictures

Besetzung und Crew


Xihai Ma


Guibin Tan


Cheng Zhang, Linzhi Sheng




The story begins after Sun Wukong is expelled by Tang Priest and goes back to Huaguo Mount, a secret history about Wukong that few had heard of.

In the Toy World, Sun Wuyuan, a piece of stationary, is pointed out as defective by others. Offended by their comments, Wuyuan commits to find the Golden Staff to prove that he is the Monkey King. After hearing that the Crossing Hall is the entrance to the West, Sun Wuyuan sneaks into the hall at midnight and begins his journey to the West. Wuyuan finds Sun Wukong in Mount Huaguo and is willing to take on the training courses that Wukong offers in exchange for the Golden Staff upon completion. But later, after being convinced by the anthropomorphic Bull Demon King, Wuyuan believes that Wukong deceived him. So, he steals the Golden Cudgel while Wukong is napping. After the Bull Demon King takes the Golden Staff, Wuyuan flees back to the Toy World realizing that the world has been conquered by the Bull Demon King.To restore the Toy World while saving Wukong, Wuyuan and his friend, Qiqi, headed back to the West in order take down the Bull Demon King. In the end, the Bull Demon King is defeated and Wukong agrees to lend the Golden Staff to Wuyuan for one day.