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Nightmare Student

Nightmare Student

Thriller | English | 90 minutes


MarVista Entertainment

Besetzung und Crew


Ali Zamani


Jessica Morris, Melissa Archer


Jessica Morris, Melissa Archer, Ulyses Espinoza, Conlan Kisilewicz

die Vorschau


Brianna (Jessica Morris) is a college English professor who is thrilled when her childhood sweetheart, Nick (Ulyses Espinoza), finally proposes. But her excitement soon fades as she learns he has been keeping secrets from her, like his relationship with his flirty coworker, Christina (Melissa Archer). Devastated, Brianna turns to the Internet, where she meets an intriguing man named William. The two quickly hit it off, but Brianna is shocked when she learns the man is actually her troubled student, Cooper (Conlan Kisilewicz), pretending to be an older man. Brianna rejects Cooper as soon as she learns who he really is, but he refuses to let Brianna go. His older sister, Christina, is too focused on her relationship with Nick to intervene with Cooper’s downward spiral. The rejection causes Cooper to orchestrate a revenge plot on Brianna that endangers another student. When Brianna, Christina, and Nick all realize how they’re connected, they must stop Cooper before he hurts anyone else.

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