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Quartier VIP

Quartier VIP

Comedy | French | 99 minutes


All Rights Entertainment

Besetzung und Crew


Laurent Firode






Catherine Jacob, Francois Berleand, Husky Kihai, Jean-Claude Brialy, Johnny Hallyday, Pascal Legitimus, Philippe Duquesne, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi

die Vorschau


Alex is to guard the prison of La Santé. His daily routine flows without drama, between the inmates’ tricks, bullying from little chiefs and the TV nights with his wife Louise. The jailor’s look betrays his unsatisfied dreams of escape and fulfillment sorrow for having resigned. As to expunge from its rogue past, he has condemned himself to spend the rest of his life in jail. All of a sudden, Alex is transferred to the VIP area. He left with regret his inmate and friend René. Welcome in a new galaxy: the new section looks like a hotel for deviant people. Industrialists red handed stealing in the cashier, and major counterfeiters will benefit from the privileges due to their "status". In return, the jailors do not think twice before accepting discrete tips. Because he refuses to comply with the rules, Alex draws suspicion from other guards and the interests of one of the detainees, Bertrand Fonsac. A Big Boss undermined by his incarceration, Fonsac has an idea: to revenge on his wife Claire, who left pocketing the loot stolen over 15 years. He noticed Alex’ boredom and turns it into the ideal instrument for his revenge. In exchange of such a large amount of money that will change his life, the shady businessman offers the cynical jailor to assume the identity of a mysterious investor. The plan is apparently simple: Alex seduces Claire, to better persuade her invest money in a bogus case. Fonsac is positive: the young woman will not be able to resist the lure of gain. Alex hesitates... And plunges. Faking an intensive evening course, he spends his nights in places frequented by Claire, followed closely by René who claims to be his driver. Soon, Alex sees that Claire is not the gold digger described by Fonsac, but a woman happy to have her freedom back. The charm works, emotions get involved.