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ROSE ET NOIR (Fashion Victim)

ROSE ET NOIR (Fashion Victim)

Comedy | French | 102 minutes




A royal wedding, the Inquisition, outcasts, heretics and plotters make for an explosive mix in this irreverent comedy written and directed by Gerard Jugnot (The Chorus). Paris 1577 - King Henri III gives famous couturier Pic Saint Loup a crucial diplomatic mission. He must go to Spain to make a magnificent gown for the wedding of the King's nephew to the daughter of a Spanish noble. The trouble is that the real creative brains behind Saint Loup's outfit is his Moorish assistant, while his perfumer is a Marano Jew and his hairdresser is out, loud and very proud. And Catholic Spain, in the grip of the Inquisition, is no place for Arabs, Jews and homosexuals (Saint Loup is anything but heterosexual). To make matters worse, his secretary
is an undercover Protestant plotting revenge for the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre and the father of the bride turns out to be the Chief Inquisitor of Cordoba...