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Tales from the Occult

Tales from the Occult

Psycho-Drama, Thriller | Cantonese | 111 minutes


Media Asia Film Distribution (HK) Ltd.

Besetzung und Crew


Fruit CHAN, Chih Chiang FUNG, Ip Sang, Wesley HOI


John CHONG (Infernal Affairs), Mathew TANG (Tales from the Dark)

die Vorschau


Tales from the Occult features three stories about the hidden horrors that lurk behind the urban landscape of Hong Kong. They will take you into a terrifying world in which human nature is driven to extremes by twisted environments.

Dead Mall
Director: Fruit CHAN (Made in Hong Kong)
Starring: Jerry LAMB (Young and Dangerous), Cecilia SO (She Remembers, He Forgets)

While hosting a live stream that introduces a new shopping mall for potential entrepreneurs, a YouTuber is confronted by an influencer who specializes in exposés. Meanwhile, a masked avenger also roams the halls of the mall, setting the scene for a shocking denouement about a terrifying incident that happened before the mall’s renovation.

The Tenement
Director: FUNG Chih Chiang (A Witness Out of the Blue)
Starring: Richie JEN (Breaking News), Sofiee NG (I Still Remember)

On the stairwell of a tenement building , a soaked mystery figure in a raincoat is blocking the exit. As it slowly creeps upstairs, the building’s remaining residents suspect that it’s the spirit of a drowning victim. A bold but cautious novelist and her fellow residents turn to a former triad assassin living on the 5th floor for help.

The Chink
Director: HOI Ip Sang, Wesley
Starring: Cherry NGAN (The Way We Dance)

A young pop star moves into a new home to have more time with her married boyfriend. However, her plan backfires as her mental health deteriorates. Distressed and driven to the edge, she can’t tell whether she is suffering a relapse of her depression, or if she is being haunted by a menacing ghost.