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The Neighbor

The Neighbor

Thriller | English | 86 minutes


AMP International

Besetzung und Crew


Marcus Dunstan


Brett Forbes, Patrick Rizzotti


Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton


Josh Stewart, Alex Essoe, Bill Engvall

die Vorschau


John is living in Cutter, Mississippi with his girlfriend Rosie. They have one neighbour Troy, who is creepy as hell. One day Rosie is shocked to spy Troy chasing an injured man who he brutally clubs to the ground. She is even more shocked when Troy turns and appears to look straight at her.

Later that evening John returns home to find that Rosie is gone. Seeing that no bags have been packed nor money taken John senses that something is wrong. But when he spots the telescope pointing at Troy's house he puts two and two together, and resolves to break in next door to see if he can find her. But John could never prepare for what he finds in Troy’s basement. And just when it couldn’t get any worse he finds Rosie - who has become Troy's latest captive…