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Where is Pinki?

Where is Pinki?

Alternate Titles: Pinki Elli?

Drama | Hindi | 108 minutes


Picture Tree International

Besetzung und Crew


Prithvi Konanur




Prithvi Konanur


Akshatha Pandavapura, Gunjalamma

die Vorschau


Bindu and Girish are seemingly typical middle class working couple in an urban setup in India with an 8-month-old baby girl PINKI. They leave their baby with the nanny Sannamma at home and head for work. Sannamma laces Pinki’s milk with alcohol and lends the baby to a friend Anasu.

Anasu uses the baby to beg on the streets of the city. She leaves the baby under the flyover for a while to get a peg of alcohol.

A city corporation sweeper Pathu accidentally discovers Pinki, bags her and takes her home. Having lost the baby, Anasu dashes back to Sannamma and the two head out looking for the baby.

When Bindu returns home from her way to the office – having forgotten something – she discovers to her horror that Pinki and Sannamma are missing. Thus begins a frantic day of search that takes all the stake holders to strange places, people, situations forcing them to confront their past, present and the future.

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