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Animation | English | 85 minutes


Global Screen



Aina Järvine, Federico Milella


Emely Christians, Jana Bohl, Bernhard zu Castell


Pamela Hickey, Dennys McCoy, Vanessa Walder


Rebecca Becker, Kathryn Cahill, Franciska Friede, Vibe Jones, Michael Kargus, Olivia Manning, Gregory Max, Madison Mullahey


The elf-world Bayala is a land of magic, populated by different elf-tribes in various climate zones and vegetation. Huge blossoms and magical plants provide housing and food, some elves have intelligent animals as companions, others use their skills to create elaborated sculptures made of ice.

Inside the blossom palace there is intense activity in preparation of princess Surah and Sera's 17th birthday. Envoys of other elf-tribes arrive. But the celebrations is ill-fated. The envoys bring bad news for which they hold the shadow-elves in the dark mountains responsible: Since the vanishing of the mighty dragons the power of magic is also fading. The withering spreads. the magical plants wither. All of bayala is in danger.

Even though Sera always comes to her defense, Surah feels uncomfortable. As a baby, Surah was abducted by the shadow-elves. For seven years she lived in the dark castle. Time also changed her physically, her different looking wings are conspicuous. The many peerie looks say enough.

When a dragon egg is found, hope stirs. If the hostile elf-tribes pool their strengths and the magic dragins get local again, the rescue of bayala could succeed. Princess Surah and her companions have to go on an adventurous journey, which not only leads them into the distant dragon mountains, but also to Surah's step-sister - the dangerous shadow-queen.

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