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Drama | English


AMBI Distribution



Colin O'Donoghue, Miranda Raison, Anna Popplewell, Jim Belushi, Archie Panjabi


Wandering into a New York bar, comedian Shane O’Driscoll (Colin O'Donoghue) meets Kirsty (Miranda Raison), a beautiful enigmatic bartender. Quickly, they both realize there’s something special between them. Months later on Christmas Eve, Shane, now a disheveled and desperate wreck, sits with a drunken homeless man (Jim Belushi) and tells the story of the past year, flashing back to his whirlwind relationship with Kirsty. They had traveled to Ireland to mourn the passing of Kirsty’s beloved grandmother, and in a surprising turn, had gotten engaged. But one day, Kirsty disappears. Angry at the thought she’s left him, Shane is surprised to learn that she has a terminal illness she’s kept hidden. Deciding he wants to spend whatever remains of her time together, Shane finds her to make one last bid for her heart. Also starring Anna Popplewell (‘THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA”) and Archie Panjabi (“THE GOOD WIFE”)

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