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Sune - Mission: Midsummer

Sune - Mission: Midsummer

Comedy, Family | Swedish | 88 minutes


Global Screen - a TELEPOOL brand



Erland Beskow


Malin Söderlund, Linus Stöhr Torell, Thobias Hoffmén, Christoffer Sandler


Sören Olsson


Elis Gerdt, Baxter Renman, Tea Stjärne, Sissela Benn, Fredrik Hallgren



Sune and Sophie both want to celebrate Scandinavian Midsummer with their families. But the day before they leave, Sophie breaks up with Sune. It’s a disaster! Trying to win his beloved Sophie back, Sune makes the mistake of listening to his little brother, who has watched thousands of romantic comedies from the 80s. It turns out to be a very bad idea…

Sune Andersson’s mother Karin inherits a cottage in the little village of Myshult, which is famed for its epic midsummer celebrations. The Andersson family wants to spend their vacation there, together with Sophie's family. But just before they leave, Sophie breaks up with Sune! Sune is desperate. He thought an epic Midsummer party would make them stay together forever. In order to win Sophie back, Sune listens to his little brother Hakan, an 8-year-old rom-com addict... but the romantic advice Sune gets from Hakan spells even more disaster. Meanwhile, his big sister Anna is worried their parents Karin and Rudolf want to divorce. To stop them, she starts acting out so much Karin and Rudolf actually do start to doubt their relationship. And then it turns out midsummer celebrations are strictly forbidden in Myshult nowadays... But nothing can stop the Anderssons! The result is a midsummer mayhem replete with falling maypoles - and nothing turns out as expected... But maybe it’s all for the best!

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