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The Adventure Club

The Adventure Club

Family | English


ddi (Double Dutch International)



Geoff Anderson


Mark Montague, Glenn Paradis, Shayne Putzlocher, Sara Shaak


Robin Dunne, Fred Ewanuick


Billy Zane, Kim Coates, Dalila Bella, Robin Dunne


Ricky, Sandy and Bill, call themselves the Adventure Club. However our Adventurers are seemingly adventure-less. Rickys grandfather was known as a great adventurer and his mom, Jane runs the local science center. Story has it that Rickys grandfather once found an ancient wishbox that when opened would grant the holder three wishes. To make matters worse, the science center has had its funding cut and without a big new exhibit to draw in customers it will be forced to close down. One night Ricky, bored and unable to sleep, ventures up to the attic, flashlight in hand. Feeling dejected he knocks into an old desk and stumbles upon a hidden drawer. Inside he finds a skelton key and a map. Could this be the adventure Ricky and his club mates have been waiting for? Could the unknown treasure help save the science center? The Adventure Club will soon find out!

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