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The Last Warrior: Root of Evil

The Last Warrior: Root of Evil

Action/Adventure, Family | Russian | 120 minutes


All Media Company (A START Company)



Dmitriy Dyachenko



Peace and tranquility have set in Belogorie. The evil was defeated and Ivan is now enjoying his well-deserved fame. By his side are his father Iliya Muromets, his beloved Vasilisa, immersed in wedding preparations, his friends Baba Yaga and Merman, as well as small wonders from the modern world: an electrical generator, a microwave oven, a cooling fan, a vacuum cleaner and many other things to lead a life of comfort. Luckily, he has his Magic Sword to cut a gap between the worlds to get supplies quite regularly.

But Ivan suffers from homesickness. And he suffers even more from the inevitable upcoming Warrior games – a convention of all Belogorie’s warriors where good fellow-warriors will show their courage and strength. Ivan does not feel like he has a warrior’s strength but he can’t make a fool of himself in front of his father and his bride. While the handsome warrior Finist, who seems to be into Vasilisa, has it all.

However, during the competition, an ancient evil rises and the existence of the magic world itself is put to danger. Ivan has to team up with his old friends as well as with new rivals. They will set out on a long journey beyond the known world to discover the roots of evil, to find a way to defeat their enemies and return peace to Belogorie.

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