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Killing Patient Zero

Killing Patient Zero

Documentary | English | 98 minutes


Kew Media Distribution



Laurie Lynd


Corey Russell


Fran Lebowitz, Ray Redford, Rand Gaynor, Gordon Price, Noah Stewart, Christos Tsoukas, Richard McKay, Michael Worobey



Spanning the pre-AIDS era of the 1970s until today, the story of Gaétan Dugas – aka ‘Patient Zero’ – serves as the perfect microcosm of the disease’s evolution in America. The interruption of a new sexual liberation, an uncertain future full of unanswered questions, lives taken in their prime, the search for answers, the arrival of flawed conclusions and the new clarity brought about by scientific progress, replacing the confusion and hysteria of the ‘80s. In telling this story, The Life And Death Of Patient Zero also explores timely themes about fear, the demonising of the unknown and the damage that can be caused by false, simplistic narratives.

With unique access to those closest to Gaétan Dugas and key players in the story of how the Patient Zero theory was created and ultimately dismantled, the film weaves social history and scientific investigation with the poignant human narrative of an individual whose life and legacy became intrinsically and tragically linked with AIDS and the long-accepted controversial theory of how it arrived and spread through America.

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