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10 Lives

10 Lives

Animation, Comedy, Family | English | 85 minutes


GFM Films

Cast & Crew


Mark Koetsier


Ken Cinnamon, Karen Wengrod


Visibility is low as Dr Rose Everhart drives home through the pouring rain. Suddenly she screams before slamming on her brakes, her car skidding to a halt an inch away from the terrified face of poor defenceless stray kitten, Beckett. But Becket isn’t as poor and defenceless as he first seems and he pretends he has been hit. Jumping out of her car Rose rushes to his aid before spotting an animal shelter across the street. She takes him there but her heart has been stolen and before long she returns to offer him a home.

Rose and Beckett develop a close bond and Beckett grows from a scrappy kitten into a totally spoilt & selfish cat... But all that is due to change as he carelessly loses his ninth life. Faced with the inevitable, Beckett pleads with the Gatekeeper of the Afterlife to allow him to return to his perfect life. The Gatekeeper explains to Beckett he has already used up all of his lives. Becket refuses his fate and escapes, but in doing so accidentally activates the ‘Hereafter’ system which will indeed see him returning to life with a new set of lives. But what he doesn’t realise is that each of these new lives will see him return as a variety of different animals and insects until finally in human form!

It is a journey that sees Beckett turn from gloriously self absorbed pet to self sacrificing hero; because sometimes you must travel many different roads to find the very best version of yourself.

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