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101 Secrets

101 Secrets

Action/Adventure, Animation | English | 80 minutes



Cast & Crew


Tophy Cho


Tophy Cho


Tophy Cho


Teresa Scarborough, Xai Yang, Ruth Farrar, Nik Hobson, Morgan Mishelle Boutilier, Michelle Dubose, Tophy Cho



CAPTAIN KITTY, a Buddhist hobo trapped inside a video game, on the advice of MR. WONDERFUL, the Devil inside his head; and a BUDDIST MONK, who provides wisdom from inside a garbage dumpster; begins a journey through the Five Realms of Existence to reverse his Karma, achieve enlightenment, and to rescue the BOBA TEA PRINCESS. It’s in the first realm, the Realm of Hell & Desire, where Captain Kitty begins questioning his very existence: Is he alive or is he an anime character in an arcade video game being controlled by outside forces? As Captain Kitty’s journey takes him deeper into the Schizophrenic Levels of Existence, he finds himself existing in alternate realities in search of the same answers: a strip club, an insane asylum, a one whore brothel in a white trash trailer park, and a high security prison for the criminally insane where the inmates spout philosophical diatribes in poetic reverie. With each new level comes a new quest that will unveil deeper and greater universal secrets. With each new level comes a greater challenge as Captain Kitty battles crazed STRIPPERS, an ANGRY PANDA that whispers “Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!” into his ear, a METAL HEAD, a BLIND WRESTLER, and the JUNGLE KING – the Boba Tea Princess’ hero. When the Captain becomes stuck on the penultimate level, Level 100, the one that will reverse his Karma, provide the enlightenment he craves, and free the Boba Tea Princess, he accepts the Monk’s and Mr. Wonderful’s words of wisdom to cheat his way to the last and final level, Level 101. It is here that Captain Kitty confronts his greatest challenge. Will his acceptance of this last bit of knowledge destroy his chance to reverse his Karma, keep him in spiritual darkness, and lock the Boba Tea Princess away forever? Or, will this last bit of knowledge allow him to destroy his demons, break free of these alternate realities, and free himself from the bondage of the arcade video game?

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