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17 Days

17 Days

Drama | English | 107 minutes


IndustryWorks Studios

Cast & Crew


Darrell Smith


Jeff Burton, Tysha Pollard Smith, Darrell Smith, Dj Profluent, Fresh Carreras


Darrell Smith, Tysha Pollard Smith


Omar Gooding, Drumma Boy Fresh, Miguel Nunez, Marc Shyst



17 Days is a powerful, riveting, film about 23 year old Brianna Murphy, and Damien Williams. A relationship that started out as a fairytale, ends up a nightmare. 17 Days touches your heart, rocks your soul to the core.

Brianna Murphy is a beautiful, sexy, twenty three year old nursing student, who loves to party and hang out with her best friend Tiffany. Unlike her best friend Tiffany, she's totally committed to becoming a registered nurse. Growing up with her mother and father and big brother, Brianna has six very over protective eyes on her constantly. None more so than Brianna's mother, affectionately known as Momma Pearl. She is constantly preaching to Brianna about how unhappy she is with her relationship with Tiffany. Believing that Tiffany influences her to do wrong, telling her that who she hangs out with will determine whether her life goes up or down. One night Brianna lies to her mom about her where about and ends up at a club with Tiffany, where she meets Damien Williams for the first time, a handsome architect. The chemistry between them is great, but Brianna doesn't give up her number knowing that the 10 year age difference between them would not go over well with her parents, especially her mother. Three years later Brianna meets Damien again and sparks began to fly. They get engaged move in with each other, everything seems to be going great until Damien snaps and puts Brianna through a living hell, that could cost her, her life. 17 Days is a powerful film that will make you think twice about the next person you get involved with.

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