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2012 Battle of Supremacy

2012 Battle of Supremacy

Science-Fiction | English | 95 minutes


Ytinifni Pictures

Cast & Crew


Brennan Reed


Brian Shotwell


Brennan Reed


Ernest Borgnine, Brian Shotwell



On December 21, 2012, the date prophesized
by the ancient Mayans as Armageddon, a
giant asteroid hit planet earth causing global
chaos. A battle for supremacy ensued for one
thousand years between the republic and
minority religious factions. Prisoners were
transported between planets accompanied by
soldiers for the republic. Sometimes the ships
got lost. It's now 3074 A.D. and a prison
transport ship carrying some of the most
dangerous criminals in the galaxy has crashlanded
on a remote planet. Only two survived
the wreck -- one accused of a terrorist
bombing of a spaceship and the other, a
soldier ordered to ensure the accused prisoner
stands trial for the crime. As they journey into
the toxic planet the lines between black and
white, truth and fiction, are soon blurred and
crossed in a mind game of secrets and lies. In
this high stakes battle of survival, each
becomes determined to control the other in the
name of his convictions and faith.

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