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A Chestnut Family Christmas

A Chestnut Family Christmas

Romantic Comedy | English | 90 minutes


MarVista Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Roger Bobb


Shane Boucher, Caitlin Delaney


Chad Quinn


Meagan Holder, Brad James, Jaime Callica, Klarc Jerome Wilson



Talented baker Nina Chestnut (Meagan Holder) currently works as a live-in chef for a wealthy family. When the family goes on vacation for Christmas, she has their luxurious home all to herself. But when Nina accidentally commits to hosting her family there for the holidays, her best friend Malcolm (Brad James) gets caught up in the lie she’s been telling her whole family: that she’s a hotshot lawyer living the high life—and she’s engaged to Malcolm! Nina has always been the “black sheep” of her family, and ever since her parents passed away, she’s tried (and failed) to measure up to her over-achieving brothers, Kyle (Jaime M. Callica) and Jayson (Klarc Jerome Wilson). So, Malcolm agrees to help out his best friend just for this Christmas, even though he’s in a relationship. All seems to be going well until everyone’s secrets come out and relationships begin to unravel. In the end though, the Chestnut family is finally able to open up to one another, and Malcolm and Nina acknowledge their true feelings for each other, leading everyone to have their best Christmas yet.

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