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A Fool In Love, Love Like A Fool

A Fool In Love, Love Like A Fool

Alternate Titles: 傻傻愛你,傻傻愛我

Comedy | Mandarin | 95 minutes


Mandarin Motion Pictures

Cast & Crew


Blue Lan


Eric Liang, Han-Hsien Tseng


Shu-Yau Kuo, Blue Lan, Niu Tien, Ting-Hu Zhang, Fan Guang Yao, Leo Tsai


From a wealthy family, Xiang-Wei’s favorite picture book is about a mermaid by Kauff (Blue Lan), and his family life is seemingly happy. His mother (Kelly Niu Tien) pays extra attention into his education so that even a Careus like him can take care of his own daily life. Until one day, he takes the wrong bus and encounters the mermaid of his dream, Blue (Kuo Shu-yau). He sees her as the character in the picture book, and gives all his love to her. This incident turns Xiang-Wei’s “almost normal life” into anything but “normal”…

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