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Animation, Family | English | 85 minutes


GFM Films

Cast & Crew


Enzo d’Alò


Iain Harvey


Enzo d’Alò


A Greyhound of a Girl is a story about understanding life and the people we love. Set in Dublin, Ireland, Mary O’Hara is a cheeky 12-year-old. She has
a passion for cooking, which is encouraged by her beloved grandmother Emer. Mary and her Grandmother are close and she is devastated when Emer is taken into hospital in the middle of the night, unwell with flu.

Sad and worried, Mary and her family visit Emer in hospital. After one such visit Mary meets a new neighbour, Tansey. She is young, friendly and talkative and Mary takes a liking to her, but there is something mysterious about her, she keeps disappearing... and even stranger, she has a message for Mary’s Granny. When Mary’s mother, Scarlett, hears that her daughter has made a new friend she is curious to meet this woman (although truth be told, she’s worried that she may be a figment of Mary’s imagination). When Mary introduces Scarlett to Tansey, her mother is at first taken aback by Tansey’s distinctive name, explaining to her daughter that Tansey is the same name as Mary’s Great Grandmother! Slowly, pieces of the jigsaw start to fit together (her mysterious appearance, the way she suddenly disappears) and they realise with shock that Tansey is actually...a ghost! Tansey explains that she never got to see her child, Emer (Mary’s Grandmother), grow up and there is nothing she longed for more.

The surreal situation takes Mary, Scarlett and Tansey on a trip to hospital where they pick up Emer to reunite her with her own mother. From there four generations of women set off on a last glorious adventure from Dublin back to the old family home in Wexford. Conversation flows as they take a
trip down memory lane, preparing themselves for final goodbyes but warm in the knowledge that life is most definitely amazing and quite often truly mysterious.

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