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A Home For The Holidays

A Home For The Holidays

Romance | English | 88 minutes


101 Films International

Cast & Crew


Kyle Cooper


Michael Walker


Steve Goldsworthy


Shannon Elizabeth, Daniel Cudmore



A local hardware store owner purchases a run-down house in a small Colorado town, only for the heir of the original owner to show up with his 10-year-old son to reclaim it.

Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) and Daniel Cudmore (X-men 2) star in A Home for the Holidays, a festive romance set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

After years of trying to purchase an old, abandoned house in a small Colorado town, Ella Chandler (Elizabeth), a local hardware store owner, is ecstatic to finally be in possession of the run-down Lewis mansion which no one has come forward to claim in 30 years.

Not long after taking possession, the heir of the original owner, Russell Lewis (Cudmore), and his 10-year-old son Ben (Dreyden Stevens), show up to claim what is rightfully theirs. After a tense few days, it’s settled – they will live in the house together until ownership is resolved.

Hammers and sparks fly, but is romance in the air?

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