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A Living Being

A Living Being

Drama | Korean | 113 minutes


Mirovision Inc.

Cast & Crew


Byung-kook Min


Dong-geun Yang, Il-hwa Lee


On the remote island of Jeju, an old man, Moonho, spends his time masturbating as a result of his Alzheimer’s disease. Yoon-jeong, who works in a nursing home as a caretaker, treats Moonho as if he was a child. One foggy day, Jong-Kyu and Soon-hyun cashes their cars. Soo-hyun’s husband Moon-ho’s been missing for years. Soohyun presses Yoon-jeong to speak about the nature of her relationship with Moon-ho since he used to have a lover. The next day, Yoon-jeong finds Moonho appearing to have completely recovered from his dementia. He stands before her like an attractive man confessing a past in which he had been going out with a young woman behind his wife’s back.

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