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A Rabbi, a Priest and an ex-Gumba...

A Rabbi, a Priest and an ex-Gumba...

Comedy | English | 83 minutes



Cast & Crew


Daniel Bollag


Tracy Siciliano


Daniel Bollag


Janelle Odair, Anthony Ferro, Tim Whitcomb



Infused visually and thematically with Charlie Chaplin’s 1915 movie “The Bank”, it is hard to tell who is the hero and who is the villain. The line between good and evil has never been so beautifully blurred. Harold, a bank manager, gambles away a big portion of his bank’s money. He has an idea. He has to get someone to rob his bank. That way, no one will know that he lost the money gambling, since there will be no money left. He even has a fall guy, Brian all picked out. Brian being newly sober would be just the type to fall prey. Harold hires a Rabbi to put together a crew to rob his bank.  The Rabbi in turn hires a Priest and an ex-gumba (Mob enforcer ). So he proceeds the help of his new crew and his daughter “Jenna”.The plan involves masks, guns, a safety deposit box, a small vial of liquid acid eye drops and a broken heart. Initially motivated by the pending foreclosure on his church, the Priest agrees to lure Brian to his AA meeting, where Jenna waits quietly with intent. Everything is going as planned. Except for the bond that forms between Jenna and Brian. She was only supposed to make him fall in love with her. She never expected to fall for him too. Now she thinks she is in love and wants a life together. But surely that will never happen with Brian rotting away in a prison. How does she thread the needle between her loyalty to her father, her relationship with Tony and her new found love for the guy she is setting up for prison time? Jenna pleads with Tony, who laughs her off. Then she approaches her father, who is inclined to accommodate her, as he reveals to her tales of his own ghosts and memories. The Rabbi gets the Priest on board with the new plan, but Brian is told nothing of what is about to unfold. Consequently, Jenna is sent away on a trip for safety reasons as the date of the robbery approaches swiftly. The three men prepare for battle as the day is chased away by the hands of time.  

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