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A Samurai Chronicle

A Samurai Chronicle

Alternate Titles: Higurashi no Ki

Drama, Historical | Japanese | 129 minutes


Toho Co., Ltd.

Cast & Crew


Takashi Koizumi


Minami Ichikawa, Akihiro Tamura


Takashi Koizumi, Motomu Furuta


Koji Yakusho, Junichi Okada, Maki Horikita, Mieko Harada


Shozaburo DANNO (Jyunichi OKADA) is ordered to watch over Shukoku TODA (Koji YAKUSHO) until he commits “Hara-Kiri” (i.e., committing suicide by cutting one’s belly) in three year time. Shukoku was charged for having an affair with the feudal lord’s concubine seven years ago, and had been confined with his family. Shukoku is ordered by his ex-feudal lord to compile the feudal domain’s history. Shozaburo’s task was to report how the incident seven years ago is written in the feudal domain’s history, and to punish them to death if Shukoku tries to run away with his family after discovering the domain’s hidden secret. However, one day, Shozaburo hears an unexpected hidden truth about the feudal domain’s past from Shukoku…

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