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Action Boys

Action Boys

Documentary | Korean | 109 minutes


Mirovision Inc.

Cast & Crew


Byunggil Jung


Yonghui Lee, Jeanne Lee


Jin-seock Kwak, Sye-jin Jeon, Sung-il Shin, Gui-duck Kwon


In 2004, there were more than sixty guys waiting for an audition to be a stuntman in Seoul Action School. After the audition, thirty six applicants were picked up and started to take stunt-lessons. Undergoing six months’ desperate discipline, only eight survivors could graduate from the school, including Gui-duck KWON (25), Sung-il SHIN (26), Sye-jin JEON (27), Jin-seock KWAK (24), Kyung-tae KIM (28), Yong-seong JOO (25), Moon-chul KWON, and Byung-gil JUNG (25). They all had their own histories. Accordingly they all had their own wishes, dreams, and paths to the future. However, they got together under one common dream. This is a story about the dream that those eight dreamers dreamt, namely, BEING ACTION HEROES.

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