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Alfie Boe: On The Wheels of Dreams

Alfie Boe: On The Wheels of Dreams

Biography, Documentary, Musical | English | 57 minutes


Global Genesis Group

Cast & Crew


Lisa Edwards


Milka Stanisic, Deborah Louise Ortiz, Lisa Edwards


Alfie Boe



As Alfie Boe has said in the past, "There are only 2 kinds of music - good music and bad music. I only want to sing the good stuff."
Alfie Boe is best known for his internationally acclaimed performance as Jean ValJean in the 2010 Les Miserable 25th Anniversary performance at the O2 Arena in London. His rendition of "Bring Him Home" made him a worldwide star. In 2012, he stole the show with his performance of "O Sole Mio/Now or Never" at the Queen's Jubilee concert at the Buckingham Palace. His 2013 tour sold out and included 2 nights at London's Royal Albert Hall, where he played to almost 80,000 fans. He has UK album sales of well over 1 million and 4 'Top Ten' albums. He has also appeared on the hit period drama "Mr. Selfridge" where he appeared as tenor Richard Chapman. Alfie reprised his role of Jean ValJean in Miserable on Broadway 2015, and had an excellent turn as JM Barrie in "Finding Neverland" on Broadway headlining with Kelsey Grammar.
In this feature documentary, ALFIE BOE: ON THE WHEELS OF DREAMS, the filmmakers traveled with Alfie and his band during one of his last US tours. Part biography, part concert film, this is an intimate look into what drives Alfie as an Artist, a person, and his passion connecting with audiences around he world through his love of music.

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