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Alien Report "My Hidden Camera Footage"

Alien Report "My Hidden Camera Footage"

Fantasy, Horror, Science-Fiction, Supernatural Thriller, Suspense, Thriller | English | 81 minutes


Earths Dreamland

Cast & Crew


E.D L.


Kevin Schroeder




Braxton Hale



✪ A troubled teen uses tiny, hidden micro-cameras sharing 'in-your-face' encounter video of telepathic beings, human hybrids and the unusual MIB (Men In Black). Based on the real UFO phenomena, The Alien Report is part one of a trilogy.

✪ Filmed as a POV selfie-style thriller using high-def tiny micro-cameras, you're transported directly into the scenes creating a hyper-realistic viewing experience.


" Alien Report is this generations, The Blair Witch."
- Film Critic, Moe Long

"When you see studios spending millions on a movie than watch it bomb at the cinema because people just thought it was nothing special. This shows you, right here, Its all about the story, the content and the topic. Visually Stunning, I watched this with the lights out and my surround sound headphones on. It's 10/10." John Pilott, Horror Fans R Us

"Captures the surreal, dreamlike, and inscrutable nature of the real alien abduction experience"
- Center for UFO Studies (CUFO)

"Once it starts, you can't look away"
- Horror Asylum

"Strange, surreal, eerie, and visually bewitching, one of the most fascinating and creative FF films seen in years"
- Found Footage Fanatics

"Four out of four stars, a must see for UFO enthusiasts"
- Dakota County Tribune

“Would you like to see the Saving Private Ryan of alien abduction stories?”
- Dough Threft, Sneak Peek Audience

“Just watched it, Goddamn amazing flick”
- Anthony Martz, Sneak Peek Audience

“I watched it 3 times”
- Missy Jaflaj, Sneak Peek Audience

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