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Amongst The Shadows

Amongst The Shadows

Drama, Mystery | German | 93 minutes



Cast & Crew


Laura Thies


Bogdan Tomassini-Buechner, Josephine Ehlert, Laura Thies, Veronica Ferres, Nina Maag


Josephine Ehlert


Josephine Ehlert, Tim Bergmann, Lisa Kreuzer, Gabriel Raab, Wolfgang Cerny, Heidrun Gaertner



At first sight Julika Stetten, a young urban artist seems to have everything: hailed as a promising new songwriter she lives with her successful boyfriend and is making a good income for herself. With yet another deadline by her agent, looming Julika suddenly breaks down, unable to produce any more of the acclaimed pop songs that brought her early fame. Panic-fuelled she decides to flee the city and her daily routine to find peace and fresh inspiration in the countryside, where her estranged father bought an old, abandoned house at an auction.
Things are taking a turn for the worse when Julika is suddenly overcome by constant nightmares since her arrival here. Night by night, a long forgotten secret surrounding the house is unraveling in Julika's dreams. When Hana, a local shaman, offers Julika spiritual help, she is too frightened to accept. Meanwhile, Georg, a mysterious man from the nearby village is stepping into Julika’s shattered life. He distracts her and tries more and more to attract her full attention.
Seeking to solve the mystery of this place Julika first has to face her own demons and finds herself confronted with the question if she wants to continue a life in the shadows of her past or if she finally has the strength to trust her own light.

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