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An Old Man's Gold

An Old Man's Gold

Drama, Heist | English | 80 minutes


Levitation Films


Unhappily married Arnold and Jenny Sullivan were brought together by crime. It is crime that will define what they do when their daughter Charlene reaches her 18th birthday unable to afford tuition to a decent university.

It all started with Charlene’s great grandfathers. From 1956 to 1969, New York City was plagued by a rash of jewelry store, pawn shop and bank robberies. The Murray Hill Gang - as the press dubbed them - was never caught. In 1971, the robberies ceased, and gang disappeared from New York City.

            Unknown to the frustrated New York City police force was that the gang had retired to the West Coast, setting up a crime free lifestyle in Los Angeles. Today, Charlie Dawson (82), Jimmy Sullivan (80) and Michael Paschal (80) are long retired, and they meet once a month at Charlie’s place for a friendly game of poker. Well, sort of friendly.

            You see, Charlie (Jack Wallace, “Lakeboat”, “The Bear” and “Boogie Nights”) was a saver. He deposited, invested and used his ill gotten gain to become a wealthy man. In the meantime, Jimmy and Michael wasted everything they stole on booze, women and gambling. In old age, they’re broke, and jealous.

            But Jimmy and Michael do have something that Charlie doesn’t – children, and they are the parents of Charlie’s namesake, Charlene.

Charlene’s a good kid who is the great granddaughter of both Jimmy and Michael. You see, Jimmy’s grandson Arnold grew up – and fell in love with – Michael’s granddaughter Jenny.

            The trouble begins with Arnold’s dad Arnie and Jenny’s father Mickey (Vinny Guasterferro, “State and Main”). Like their own fathers, Arnie and Mickey have always found some reason to blame Charlie for all their troubles.

            The fuse is lit when Charlie announces at the monthly poker game that he is dying, and he plans on leaving his treasure to Charlene.

Instead of being happy for their great granddaughter, Jimmy and Michael are angry, and with the help of their respective sons – Arnie and Mickey - they plan to do something about it.

No one has the stomach to steal from family, so it is decided to steal the gold from Charlie before he dies.

            The wild card in this whole mess is the fourth in the gang’s poker game  - a seedy loan shark named Eddie Seabrook (Mik Scriba, “The Negotiator). If anyone can put his hands on Charlie’s gold before the old man dies, it’s Eddie.

But since Jimmy and Michael don’t exactly trust each other, each goes to Eddie with their sons thinking the other hasn’t thought of it. Borrowed cash is spent to pay Eddie for the job.

            Eddie loves this. He takes money from both Jimmy and Michael and goes to work, knowing if he is able to “convince” Charlie to part with his gold, he’ll keep it.

            Eddie knows that Charlie is going to be tough to crack, so Eddie brings Lee Vissing (Gene Wolande, “L.A. Confidential”) on board for assistance. They decide to kidnap Charlene to force Charlie’s hand, one step ahead of a pair of lazy detectives (Mike Hagerty TV’s “Friends” and Kevin Brief “The Kingdom”).

            But Charlene’s best friend gets in the way, forcing Eddie to make some fast, foolish and deadly decisions.

          In the end, only Jenny cares enough about her daughter to step in and try and save the day. Will she be in time to save her daughter - and who will end up dead?

            And who will walk away with “An Old Man’s Gold.”

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