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At Immortality's Gate

At Immortality's Gate

Action/Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller | | 90 minutes


Signal Media



The famous traveler, cartographer, and inventor Jonathan Green has arrived in India with his sweetheart, Miss Dudley. Mr. Green was enticed there by an invitation to the mysterious castle of the wealthy Indian, Vaibhava Singh. A simple courtesy call turns around in an unexpected way for everyone involved. Jonathan Green’s sweetheart, Miss Dudley, falls under the spell of the mysterious elixir of immortality used to replenish the ranks of the living dead - the Asur. Vaibhav agrees to help Green, but Green then must find the body of the ancient demon Wahishi.

Our heroes are plunged into the ancient world of India, its secrets and puzzles. They will have to fight with an entire army of Asurovs, the ancient zombie warriors, survive a clash with the ancient multi-armed Goddess Darga, and survive after meeting a terrible demon monster that threatens the destruction of all humanity, Wahishi. All while learning fighting dances and solving the riddle of true immortality.

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